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Retainer: This option can reduce hourly rates but only works for Companies that have at least a few hours of estimated work per month. The specialized “Consultant on Call” service gives clients of all sizes the benefit of an in-house solicitor with experience, in the form of a pay as you go in-house solicitor, or as an additional in-house solicitor to an already-existing legal team, without the necessity of hiring full-time in-house legal counsel. Many flexible models are available to suit the client’s needs. The consultant having experience in-house can take over the role instantly, not need office space or overheads, and provides an easy resource in busy times. In exchange for a fixed retainer fee paid by the client every month, the consultant solicitor will be on-call and available to that client for a capped amount of hours that month, or an alternative fixed fee arrangement is also possible per project.
Many businesses will find that they cannot afford a full-time in-house solicitor but would be missing out on the personal service and experienced in-house solicitor can provide as he/she can understand your business. Businesses often need a legal consultant on call, who can prevent problems before they arise, provide risk management, and handle day to day legal issues, suggesting value-added solutions, thus saving management time and cost. Such businesses may have no full-time in-house solicitor, or no mandate for hiring someone, or no large budget for using various specialist lawyers and firms nor the knowledge or time to find out which advisor would be the best for the requirement. Bizlaw U.K. was set up to provide practical, personalized and proactive solutions for legal services, where an experienced consultant solicitor forms part of your team only when needed, for one-off projects or regular work. One off projects: These projects are handled directly or through a law firm when required by the client or when reserved legal activity such as litigation is involved(costs differ according to option chosen).
The fixed retainer fee would represent a significant discount off the standard hourly rate or fixed fee model, and any time worked in excess of the capped amount of hours will be billed at a discounted rate as well. Alternatively, shorter-term maternity or sick cover or special project-based arrangements are possible. Services often include managing a client company’s daily legal work, advising on the law, drafting, interpreting, and reviewing contracts, engaging in negotiations, employee issues, data protection, disputes, locating and overseeing outside lawyers (including litigation) helping with company secretarial work and attending executive or board meetings. The fee structure is simple and straightforward and allows clients to properly budget for the cost of the service with relative certainty. To find out about our other services visit

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