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Why Bizlaw U.K. ?

“Prevention is Better than Cure”

Are you looking for Legal Services which are professional, proactive, prompt, and practical?

Do you need to find solutions such as those listed below, for your business, without the costly overheads or
have your very own outsourced legal services consultancy?

Is your business falling foul of any of the myriad of laws for running a business?
We can help with a free legal risk check.
Do business contracts confuse you?
We can help explain the jargon and keep your business compliant, with personalized, understandable contracts.
Have you protected or thought of registering a UK trademark?
We can help protect your mark from being exploited by others and protect its goodwill and value so sales and franchising are possible.
Want to expand a business?
We can help with the legal processes, registrations, funding, and sale and purchase of business documents as well as connect you to buyers, sellers, and distributors/agents where possible.
Are you not sure about regulations for advertising ?
We can guide and advise you so that your business is not pulled up by the Advertising Standards Authority.

You have found the right partner in Bizlaw U.K.

Your Legal and Business Services Consultancy

We have vetted professionals on our panel, who can assist, via phone and email. Our consultants have a wide range of expertise and have helped many clients like you. We understand your problems and your business and attempt to provide a personalized service with fixed and flexible pricing, to help solve them, without the formalities. If we refer you to any vetted experts outside of Bizlaw U.K., we are not liable to you for the service they provide but can refer you to others should you wish. We also offer ongoing support and provide value-added introductions and offers from trusted business partners in accountancy, funding, insurance, and a wide range of business services to help your business thrive. (Please see our Business services page-we may receive a coordination fee for time spent in such vetting, which will not affect the price you pay).

Our Credentials

We have 5-star ratings and have helped over 100 SME. We are proud to be listed on the UK Government inward investment directory as advisors. We are also part of the Harrow borough project assisting local businesses to scale up.

Our Consultancy provides advice, by experienced professionals, to businesses and individuals in the United Kingdom and overseas. This may include commercial and business law, UK trademark registration, corporate law, franchise and distribution contracts, marketing law, employment law, guarantor documents, Ofcom (regulatory) and ASA (advertising) compliance, film contracts and tax credits, vetting commercial leases, website terms and conditions, acquisition, advance assurance for SEIS and EIS business expansion and so on. We also offer a project wise or ongoing consultancy on a retainer ship basis. In partnership with strategic and trusted business specialists where required, practical, all-around support for a client is possible.

Media and Entertainment Expertise

On the business front, we offer specialized experience, agency work, and consultancy in the media and entertainment sector. We have helped acquire and distribute all types of entertainment content around the world and connect you to specialist immigration consultants for sponsor licences and other visas like the new Global Talent, Start-Up and Innovator visa recently introduced to be effective after Brexit. We can help with Ofcom and ASA compliance, channel launch, EPG slot acquisition, distribution, film and TV production contracts, marketing, and growth.

Our clients, affiliates, and contacts include TV channels, film distribution companies, production houses, media platforms, ticketing companies, event management companies, web-loyalty companies, care homes, property businesses, online businesses, childcare agencies, food product owners, tech companies, owner-managed businesses, startups and investors among others.

We refer reserved and niche legal work to a panel of carefully vetted, experienced solicitors, working as self-employed consultants under law firms or their own consultancies where required.

Our Founder

Our Founder and Managing Director of this SME 2020 award-winning Legal and Business Services Consultancy Bizlaw the U.K. is an over 20 year qualified Solicitor with General Counsel experience, good at problem-solving, and a skilled multi-tasker, in the world of business, media, and cross border work. She set up Bizlaw U.K. spotting a gap in the market during the 2012 recession where business owners often failed as they did not seek the right advice at the right time and strives to help businesses and content creators become risk-free, legally compliant, and grow. She has a dual qualification, is encouraged and thankful for great testimonials on various platforms including vouched for, yell, trust pilot, and others has a proven track record with multinationals and start-ups, as well as achievements across new territories and services. Having advised senior management in all areas of law, both as Sole In-house Counsel and in private practice, as well as understanding business issues having her own business and assisting clients through her connections and panel of experts personally vetted, she strives to be adept at understanding the commercial needs of a business. Passionate about utilizing her expertise and network, (She was a voted top 3 LinkedIn connected woman in her sector for 2015 ) through her innovative One-stop legal and business services consultancy Bizlaw U.K., her aim is to benefit businesses and individuals, with a personalized, practical, and proactive approach to consultancy and a view to reducing risk. Her motto has always been “Prevention is Better than Cure!” Clients include Film and TV Producers, Distributors, Broadcasters, startups, entrepreneurs in various sectors, and owner-managed businesses, as well as larger entities and international clients.

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