Legal and Business Services

Why Bizlaw UK ?

Legal and Business Services

“Prevention is Better Than Cure!”Are you looking for Legal and Business Services? a trusted UK solicitor who is experienced, friendly, proactive, prompt and practical? Do you need to find solutions such as those listed below for your business, without the costly overheads? If so you have found the right partner in Bizlaw UK. We have solicitors in Harrow, who can meet you anywhere in Greater London should you not have the time to travel to see them.

1) Do business contracts confuse you?
We can help explain the jargon and keep you safe with personalised, understandable contracts.

2) Is your business falling foul of any of the myriad of laws for running a business?
We can help with a free legal risk audit.

3) Have you protected or thought of registering a UK trademark?
We can help protect your mark from being exploited by others.

4) Do you want to expand a business?
We can help with the legal processes, registrations and documents.

5) Are you not sure about regulations for advertising on a website?
We can guide and advise you so that your business is not pulled up by the Advertising Standards Authority.

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Our consultant solicitors in London have a wide range of expertise, have helped many clients like you,understand your issues and your business and attempt to provide a personalized service without the formalities.

We provide cost effective pricing with fixed fees where possible, without compromise on experience, working through Law Firms where required only for reserved legal work to keep costs down.

We also offer ongoing support and provide value added introductions and offers from trusted business partners in accountancy, funding, insurance and a wide range of services (Please see our Business services Page or contact us for further details).

Consultant on Call
Our unique Consultant on Call service is an outsourced in house solicitor, forming part of your team , giving you better negotiating power, spotting issues before they escalate and being a trusted sounding board for new ventures, without the overheads and with transparency on costs or adding to your team flexibly only at busy times or to cover someone on maternity or sick leave or a new project.

“Prevention is Better than Cure”

Our Solicitors can resolve Your Legal Needs

Bizlaw UK, a legal services consultancy, was set up as a One stop Shop for legal and business services.

The Consultancy also assists with niche Media and Entertainment work such:

1)Ofcom,CAP and BCAP Code compliance for UK Television,Radio,Press and Online channels

2)Content distribution via Cable and IPTV and syndication around the world

3)Sky EPG slot acquisition and all types of Media contracts such as Conditional Access, EPG , Satellite uplink and Playout

4)Introductions to trusted advertising and marketing agencies as well as Playout, Production and On Demand App development affiliates.

We help with cross border matters, for businesses wanting to expand or do business with the UK or India . Our value add, due to a rich contact base, knowledge of the country and culture and knowledge of the language is useful to many clients. We can provide dual qualified Consultants with UK/India legal expertise, which is rarely available.

Bizlaw UK can provide assistance to individuals as well, with legal issues in the UK and India, where it works with trusted lawyers, consultants and local law firm partners if required to coordinate and help resolve them.


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