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Business Expansion
Business expansion services into the UK available for Client / Potential client companies

If you are an overseas company that is expanding to the UK, or are working with overseas companies that have established UK operations, you will know that their needs can be wide ranging . Bizlaw UK, our consultancy service ( can  support your business journey through the following key stages, starting from the right visa.

Assistance with UK strategy and planning:

Even if your business contact or potential client is just thinking about expanding into the UK, we are keen to talk to them  because we recognize it is at this time their business needs most support. We help foreign investors navigate their project, acting as a one-stop-shop and single point of contact, which can accelerate their decision to invest in the UK.

Helping our client to grow:

When your business has completed the set-up phase and has started operating in the UK, we will continue to support its development As an investor in the UK, and in your capacity as our client, we have a direct interest in your business success.

Our affiliates can also be accessed by our overseas clients who might already have well-established UK operations. Regardless of your original date of UK entry and industry sector, we are keen to understand your medium term UK plans and to support you through any key stage of UK development via our affiliates, such as expansion, funding, , marketing, insurance, accounting and legal services, diversification and R&D.

Guidance during the set-up phase:

For specific help in setting up in the UK or for help mapping your business ambitions to the UK please contact us by email – or message  07583452230.

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We have over 200 vetted professionals on our panel, who can assist, via phone and email.

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