Your 5 star rated, award winning, practical, proactive and personalized Legal and Business Services Consultancy. "Prevention is Better Than Cure!"

Proactive Approach

We offer a free legal health check or consultation to find the best way forward or suggest options.

Practical Advice

We provide guidance without the legal jargon and find the simplest solution to save you the stress.

Personalized Solutions

We tailor each solution to your goals, budgets and business.

Bizlaw U.K. is proud to be award-winning with 5-star testimonials and listed on the U.K. Government inward investment directory as advisors. 
We are also part of the Harrow borough project assisting local businesses to scale up. 
Our Consultancy provides advice, with a panel of over 60 experienced professionals, to businesses and individuals in the United Kingdom and overseas. 

About us

You have found the right partner in Bizlaw U.K.

Your Legal and Business Services Consultancy

We have over 60 vetted professionals on our panel, who can assist, via phone and email. Our consultants have a wide range of expertise and have helped many clients like you. We understand your problems and your business and attempt to provide a personalized service with fixed and flexible pricing, to help solve them, without the formalities. If we refer you to any vetted experts outside of Bizlaw U.K., we are not liable to you for the service they provide but can refer you to others should you wish. We also offer ongoing support and provide value-added introductions and offers from trusted business partners in accountancy, funding, insurance, and a wide range of business services to help your business thrive. (Please see our Business services page-we may receive a coordination fee for time spent , which will not affect the price you pay).

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About Us

We have over 60 vetted professionals on our panel, who can assist, via phone and email.