Everything you need to know about the UK-India Migration; Mobility Deal

Everything you need to know about the UK-India Migration; Mobility Deal

United Kingdom-India Migration & Mobility Deal

  • The United Kingdom-India Migration and Mobility Deal Partnership signed by UK Home Secretary Priti Patel and Indian Foreign Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar. He will allow 18- to 30-year-old to work or study in the UK for up to 24 months, while accelerating the process of deporting Indian nationals deemed to be here illegally.
  • Importantly, United Kingdom-India Migration and Mobility deal agreement intends to create and expand UK-India cooperation in the following areas:
    • Greater collaboration across the field of migration and mobility, recognizing the close people-to-people ties between the two countries.
    • The facilitation of mobility of students, academics and researchers and migration for professional and economic reasons. Abiding by equal treatment of nationals of both Participants’ countries in similr situations subject to national immigration laws.
    • The prevention of, and fight against illegal migration, including the facilitation of the return of nationals of either of the country’s, where those nationals have no legal right to enter or remain in the other.

Mobility of Students, Academics and Researchers:

  • Each country will allow the entry and stay of nationals of the other country for the purpose of study. Which may include permitted work placements and vocational training. Provided they meet the requirements of the relevant immigration laws and regulations. Recognizing in particular, the requirements in the UK and Indian laws and regulations relating to sponsorship by a licensed institution. Both these countries will take steps to facilitate and improve the reception of students and the processing of per-consular procedures.
  • Firstly, as per the applicable immigration laws and regulations, the respective countries will provide students of each other’s countries. With a long-term visa which allows them to reside for the duration of their studies, subject to a reasonable maximum period.
  • The UK will promote opportunities for Indian nationals studying in the UK to remain in the UK. To undertake skilled work following the successful completion of their studies.

Immigration and visa grant.

  • Indian nationals who successfully complete their studies and who wish to supplement their training with professional experience in the UK may apply to remain in the UK on a work-based immigration route. This may include routes for skilled workers, and for those working or seeking work post-study, as specified in the UK Immigration Rules.
  • Accordingly, the UK will grant permission to stay in the UK for two years to students. Who have successfully completed an undergraduate and master’s programmer and for three years to those completing their PhD. They will be allowed to seek or take up employment related to their training during this period without being subject to the situation of the labor market.
  • However, On expiry of this period, those who are as of now in business or have a guarantee of business who meet the prerequisites. Within the UK Migration Rules may continue to dwell within the UK to carry out their proficient action.
  • UK nationals who successfully complete their studies and who wish to supplement their training with professional experience in India. May obtain permission to stay in India on a work-based immigration route as per applicable national laws and regulations.

Joint Working Group

The two countries will form a Joint Working Group that will include officials from both countries. The Joint Working Group will assess the execution of the MoU’s provisions and, if required, shall consider any suitable recommendations for improving implementation.

Young Professional’s Scheme for Migration and Mobility Deal

  • Young professionals from both countries can participate in the Young Professionals Scheme. Which allows them to experience living in a different culture (the UK or India) while also having the option of working as part of their stay.
  • The United Kingdom’s Home Department and India’s Ministry of Home Affairs would be in charge of executing the Young Professionals Scheme. This scheme will allow a maximum of 3000 eligible nations to participate each year.

Qualifying Requirements for United Kingdom-India Migration & Mobility Deal

  • The Countries will consider persons who meet the following requirements to be qualified to take part in the Scheme:
    • To send an individual application to the appropriate organisation. In charge of collecting and submitting applications for the United Kingdom or India.
    • In order to comply with all relevant immigration law and regulations, including admissibility and verification, of the country.
    • To be a national of either India or the UK, and hold a valid passport issued by the applicant’s country of nationality.
    • To have not previously taken part in the Scheme.
    • They must show that they have the financial means to satisfy their demands for the duration of their allowed stay. Not be accompanied by any dependent(s) under their application.
    • To pay the applicable fee(s), which include(s) but not limited to the fee for a visa.
    • To hold a valid degree or diploma.


The duration of the authorized period of stay may not exceed 24 months. UK nationals who desire to stay in India for the maximum total duration allowed can do so in two 12-month increments.

Age requirements:

  • Applicants will be between the ages of 18 and 30.
  • Applications can be submitted up to 3 months before the applicant is 18 years old.
  • Entry & Stay

Subject to considerations of public interest, public order, public security and public health, the Participants will:

  • Issue to qualified nationals, who satisfy all of the requirements set out for the Young Professionals Scheme visa. Or the Indian equivalent, valid for presentation to enter the UK or India within a period of 3 months.
  • Grant to qualified nationals holding a valid Young Professionals Scheme visa, or the Indian equivalent, permission to remain in India. Or the UK for the maximum period of 24 months with multiple re-entry from the date of first entry into the relevant country.
  • The nations may, in accordance with their laws and regulations, deny any individual’s application for a Young Professionals Scheme visa or the Indian equivalen. They will also reject entrance of any person participating in the Scheme, if they believe the person to be undesirable.

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