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Advertising laws

It is important to get your ad campaigns checked before they get published to prevent bad publicity should they get pulled up . The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) through its CAP and BCAP Codes regulates Adverts in the UK for print, online and broadcast media They expect all advertising online to be legal, decent, honest… Read More »

Testimonials-Advertising Law

Testimonials must relate to the product advertised and claims in a testimonial that are likely to be interpreted as factual must not mislead or be likely to mislead the consumer (Rules 3.46 and 3.47). Marketers may not use testimonials to circumvent the Code by making claims in a consumer review that they would not otherwise… Read More »

At-a-glance guide to the marketing rules

At-a-glance guide to the marketing rules Method of communication Individual consumers (plus sole traders and partnerships) Business-to-business (companies and corporate bodies) Live calls  Screen against the TPS  Can opt out  Screen against the Corporate TPS  Can opt out Recorded calls  Need specific consent  Need specific consent Emails or texts… Read More »