Case Studies

Case Studies

These are examples of the background of and work done for clients we have helped:


  • Virgin entrepreneur featured client approached us to assist on a retainership
  • They produced a healthy kids world foods tiffin
  • They had a problem with a service provider as no clear terms of the contract had been entered into and no clear expectations were laid out in writing either
  • A dispute based on a claim for overpayment of £14,000/- was made. Now if a claim is under £10,000/- legal costs are not recoverable as it becomes a small claim, So where we could
    help resolve the issue through the interpretation of documents, send out a notice if required, and organize a mediation meeting ie pre-action protocol was useful.
  • We could also provide advice on and draft watertight future contracts to avoid such issues
  • We could even advise on marketing regulations and trademark registration



  • An International TV channel wanted to launch into the UK
  • An Ofcom licence was required for this. We provided advice on change of structure to obtain the licence and reporting once licence obtained.
  • Advice on music licences (PRS)
  • We could also provide advice on contracts with distribution companies like Sky
  • Possible advice on airtime sales contracts with advertisers
  • Could provide advice on ASA (Advertising Standards Compliance) regulations
  • Could provide advice on subscription terms and data protection of subscribers if Pay TV model



  • We worked with a marketing and advertising client that targets the ethnic Asian sector
  • We could advise on and draft their sales and marketing contracts
  • We provided advice on disputed debts with advertisers and settlement, prior to it going into litigation, saving huge costs
  • We could advise on breach of contract in delivery of goods
  • We also provided advice on Ofcom compliance and the BCAP (Broadcast) Code
  • Understanding of Hindi (main language spoken in India) was useful for the client as many of the channels were broadcast in that language, thus they had no extra translation
    costs before the advertising and programming was cleared for broadcast



  • We helped a Care Home client
  • We were involved in preparing their shareholders agreement
  • We could provide data protection, health and safety and employment advice
  • We could also provide a referral on request to trusted partners where required for eg. Insurance, accountants, funding, branding, advertising and other business services



  • Our client was an online news and ticketing site
  • We provided them with advice on copyright
  • Drafting terms and conditions of selling tickets
  • We also could provide advice on distance selling
  • We could assist with Data protection advice and being on the ICO registry
  • We gave them bad debt advice

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