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Dual qualified, experienced, practical and proactive solicitor. Founder of Bizlaw UK, a new model legal service consultancy.

UK Sponsor Visa

UK Sponsor Licence To recruit skilled labour from outside the single market, companies must have a valid Tier 2 or 5 Sponsor Licence. Once an organisation acquires a sponsor Licence, they become registered with the Home Office as a sponsor and can begin to issue Certificates of Sponsorship (CoS) to NON-EU skilled staff subject to… Read More »

Types of Joint ventures

Pros and Cons of Different Joint Ventures Pros Cons Company Limited by Shares • Business and personal finances are separate • Need to provide disclosures and hence less privacy • Legally own the business name • More legal responsibilities • Raising investment is easier • Complex accounting and more taxes • Low personal taxes •… Read More »

Selling your business

Self-employed sole trader When you sell your business, you have legal responsibilities to staff you employ. You must also finalise your business’ tax affairs. Staff If you have anyone working for you, you must tell them: when and why you’re selling the business about redundancy terms or relocation packages, if necessary Make sure you don’t… Read More »

Advertising laws

It is important to get your ad campaigns checked before they get published to prevent bad publicity should they get pulled up . The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) through its CAP and BCAP Codes regulates Adverts in the UK for print, online and broadcast media They expect all advertising online to be legal, decent, honest… Read More »